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How do I remove a computer virus?

Are you one of those poor souls that have lost everything, all the files on a computer because of a virus, spyware or malware? The need is obvious, on a daily basis I hear the same story, I got a virus on my computer and I don’t want to spend a lot of money on repairs but it keeps happening over, and over again… what am I doing wrong? 
There are lots and lots of things we can all do to avoid getting a virus in the first place, in my humble opinion, the single most important one is: “evaluate your browsing habits and stop downloading music, movies, pay-per-view events, software, etc.” Remember what our parents used to tell us? “Nothing in this life is free” well, it turns out they were right all along; you will be taxed one way or another for those “free files” on the Internet, and getting a virus is just one of them. There are several other threats on-line that are associated with downloading illegal files from the Internet. One thing we all have to realize is that as awesome as the Internet is, it’s still a new technology that changes daily but with change comes opportunity… for scam artists, that is. Some of the best places to hijack your computers, files, passwords, account numbers and more, are those file sharing communities out there. The way viruses are “shared” in those communities is simple; if someone has a virus on their PC and you download something that’s on this person’s computer, well; now you have that file and a virus too. Hackers can install hidden files, programs and cookies on your computer compromising your security and log in remotely to literally take your money from you and run. 
Don’t ever fall for the most common scam on the web: they infect your computer with viruses, they monitor your connection and when they see you connect to the internet, they send popup warnings to your screen saying you are infected with hundreds, maybe thousands of viruses and they can help!!! They log in to your computer and magically, they can fix the problem, or so they say, (half the time they won’t fix anything) charging you hundreds of dollars when you could have avoided those viruses by not sharing files with anyone. 
Another way they load annoying applications and warnings onto your computer is when your kids use a laptop, PC, tablet, etc., they usually download a game or games; those games are “made available for free” by some shady website, most of the times overseas, installing programs called “Spyware or Malware” every time you agree to download the “additional software”, “free to download apps”, “free toolbars” and other forms of “free” software, your computer is getting infected. Once installed, your computer is going to be unstable, it will start to slow down so much, that you won’t be able to even open a page or browse anymore because every task that normally takes seconds, will take several minutes. 
Listen, you can avoid getting infected with viruses, spyware, malware, hijack apps and more, just by not falling for these scams and changing your browsing and sharing habits. If you stop downloading all those “free things” from the Internet, you will save hundreds, if not thousands in maintenance repair costs.
Browse safely, carefully and enjoy your computers. I am what some people refer to as “an expert” my business is making money repairing computers, I own my shop but I am committed to save you money any way I can, and educating you on the different risks that we are exposed to on-line, is my favorite way to give back to my customers.
Stay tuned for more useful information coming your way. If you want to learn more about a specific topic in the world of computers, Internet or on-line safety, let me know and I will post about it very soon after you contact me. Go to my Facebook page (Geeks and Clicks), like us there and send me a message, I will be happy to blog about it.

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