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Geeks & Clicks Laptop & PC Repair has been serving the needs of businesses and individuals for several years.  Santos Nava began building and repairing computer systems for friends and family members in 1998.  In the year 2000 Santos, changed careers becoming an IT professional working for some of the biggest hotel chain's network and computer departments.  In just a very few years he became a manager in one of the biggest DSL and Cable router manufacturer companies in the world, managing technical support groups for all the major DSL service providers in the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Spain. 

Data recovery

In 2006 became self-employed  and opened the computer repair shop in the corner of Earll and 24th street in Phoenix, AZ in June that year until the end of September 2011; on October 1st 2011 Geeks And Clicks, moved to a new location (2335 E Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85016) with the vision of protecting and supporting Arizona's computer users, with the extraordinary promise that computer end-users would not spend more than $95.00 on labor when repairing a laptop or desktop computer excluding parts.

We have repaired thousands and thousands of computers over the last few years, we are centrally located to help you better and save you lots of money whenever possible!!!

Laptop repair

Our philosophy has always been to save money to all our customers with superb customer service, honesty and respect.  Whenever possible, we try to repair computers without any charge; obviously, that is not always possible but we do our best.  There have been countless times our customers come in with a problem that only takes minutes to fix and there is no charge for something like that.  One example we can give you is, if you come in with a wireless problem, we troubleshoot the issue on the spot, if we find out that the issue is a bad driver, we repair it, get you on-line immediately and we charge you nothing. Unfortunately, wireless issues can be very difficult to repair, if that's the case, we keep your computer or laptop and fix it as soon as possible, and the great news is, labor is never more than $95.  This is just one of the many issues we are able to fix on the spot; there are many other problems that may not require a charge.  Let us inspect your computer; we are certain you will be satisfied with our service.

Coming soon, we are going to have documents, videos, step by step instructions and a variety of do-it-yourself guides to help you protect your computers, save money and avoid having to send your computers to a repair shop (even if it means we may not make as much money because you won't need us as often as you may by helping you avoid the many issues that may affect your computers)... you might ask, why is Geeks And Clicks doing this?  Well, we know that saving money is very important; we will always stand behind our promise to save you as much money as we can possibly save you, but if you ever need our help, we will be available to repair your computer whenever it is necessary.

We replace laptops screens and hard drives, clean viruses from computers and a lot more, AND...

Spyware removal

Why do you need to visit Geeks & Clicks Laptop & PC Repair?

  • We will save lots of money!!!
  • We always tell you what's best for you even if that means we won't make $$$
  • We'll make sure you are 100% satisfied with our services

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